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Timothy W.
United Kingdom

Superb upgrade and customer experience

I'm not usually one to upgrade ***** nilly but this latest iteration is a great improvement, in particular the way the unit grips onto the 15mm rod as I found the v1 slipped. Amazing upgrade deal and superlative customer support. If only all companies could be like this. Would be nice to see sustainable packaging though used - foam inserts are unnecessary and just go to landfill. Boxes could and plastic in the product could also be from recycled sources!!

Vall R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

It is awesome! Worth the money!

It is a great quality follow focus, and I think even the best on the market. Unfortunately had to return it because it didn't fit my rig setup, but I was crying... Worth mentioning that the customer service is GREAT! Returning was almost as easy as doing it on Amazon.

Luis F.
United States United States

Easy Peasy Focus

Absolutely so good! Easy Peasy!

Hieth G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great quality bit of kit

Great service and excellent quality gear about to make some reviews videos for my YouTube Channel as well Hieth George.

Wade V.
Australia Australia

Great, well made, simple to use mechanical follow focus

Well priced and well made, have enjoyed using this so far. Not being a fan of electronic and battery operated gadgets, I always look for mechanical options. Aside from some very premium and very expensive products, the edelkrone FocusONE is pretty much as good as it gets at a great price. Love it

Ewan N.
Canada Canada

FocusOneV2 is a great little follow focus and a huge upgrade on v1

The FocusOneV2 is a great little follow focus. If all you need is a single side device then it's a great choice. There is no slack and the stops are solid - exactly what you need.

Tom T.
United States United States

Quality Product ....

Just when I thought I had the perfect follow focus in the original FocusONE , here comes an upgrade ! My favorite feature is the addition of the hard stops AND the fact that it is reversible . It also just FEELS like a quality machined product . If my arm was twisted and I had to mention a CON, it would be the weight on my rods. But , I forgive it. Nuff said ...

A edelkrone Customer
Gene C.
United States United States

A fine example of great engineering!

So far so good. Very smooth, positive engagement, and adjustable ... adjustable everything. It's really meticulously engineered! The only thing I do not like is the gear belt thing. It's a cool thing to have for an oddball lens, but I think the experience will be better with properly fit gear rings on oft-used lenses. In all, I'm very happy with this purchase from Edelkrone.

edelkrone FocusONE v2 Reviewedelkrone FocusONE v2 Review
Horacio C.
United States United States

Smooth & Compact

I love it, helps to smooth out any zoom moves while using my manual lenses!

Robert M.
United States United States

My New Goto

Been loving this follow focus, has a great feel to it

Jor B.
United States United States

Rock Solid and Buttery Smooth!

A lovely piece of kit for my FF Canon gear, it checks all the boxes. Solid enough to maintain precision with both medium and larger lenses, whether used for focus pull or zoom (during AF). After owning several different ‘pullers’ over these past 13 years, this one’s a keeper!

New generation follow focus designed for camera operators instead of focus pullers. Unique marker disk faces the camera operator for quick & precise focus adjustments.
Watch Video
Watch Video FocusONE
New & Advanced Features
Works on either side of the camera
Adjustable hard stops
Custom tension adjustment
Unique design for precision
x1 Lens Gear PRO included
Compact & light design
Compatible with 15 & 19 mm rods
New Adjustable Hard Stops
Think less, record more. We upgraded FocusONE to include adjustable hard stops that can help you effortlessly transition between two fixed focus points as you shoot. Hard stops can be placed in the designated parking slots when not in use.
Why is it the Most Precise Follow Focus?
FocusONE is the world's most precise follow focus, not because it has the best gearbox design, but because its gearbox design is unrelated to its precision. What does this mean exactly?
Gearboxes on regular follow focuses are between the marker disc and the focus ring, resulting in a loss of precision because of gear play in the gearbox.
FocusONE's innovative design allows the marker disc to be in direct contact with the focus ring. This unique approach makes FocusONE the most precise follow focus you can find, even at its affordable price.
Custom Tension Adjustment
All lenses are different, so why should the torque applied be the same? Customize the tension of your FocusONE to adjust how stiff or loose the control wheel turns and match the force your lens requires perfectly.
More Features with a Lighter & Compact Body
Lighter & Compact Body
Control Wheel with Flexible Angles
The control wheel of FocusONE can be tilted up and down for easier access when needed, which is especially useful while setting up different filming angles.
Pen-Free Focus Marking
Go pen-free and use the marker provided on the disc for focus markings. This small addition makes FocusONE much easier & faster to use. Or, you can just mark the disc yourself if additional markings are needed.
FocusONE FocusONE FocusONE
Works on Either Side of the Camera
The movable body design of FocusONE gives you the flexibility to position it on either side of the camera. We developed this feature to give you the option to operate your FocusONE with your right or left hand. No matter which side you choose, everything you need will be facing you as you're filming.
All FocusONE parts are 100% CNC machined aluminum with Delrin components and stainless steel screws.
Mattebox Friendly
FocusONE's compact design makes it easy to travel with and also provides compatibility with secondary accessories that can be attached to your rods, such as the matte boxes.
Compatible with All Lenses
FocusONE has a 0.8 gear pitch, making it compatible with all professional cinema lenses. You'll also receive edelkrone Lens Gear PRO with your purchase to make your new FocusONE compatible with any other type of lens.
Attaches on ANY Rod
FocusONE is compatible with industry-standard 15 mm & 19 mm rods to fit your specific setup requirements. FocusONE comes with a 15 mm rod adapter attached out of the box which can easily be removed to convert it to a 19 mm rod clamp.